The Board of Elders are calling for a church membership meeting to vote on the following addition to our Articles of Incorporation - IV Dissolution of Assests. The meeting is to be held on Sunday, October 6 2109 right after morning worship. Please read over the addition and contact an elder for any questions you might have prior to the meeting. It will be a simple meeting to approve the addition or to reject the addition.

Click here for Articles of Incorporation with addition IV included

The reasoning for this addition to be added under our Articles of Incorporation comes from the advice of Church & Tax Law, on whom we lean for direction in our current nonprofit, legal world.

β€œThe IRS Internal Revenue Manual and IRS Publication 557 both require that an appropriate dissolution clause appear in a church's articles of incorporation.”

This Articles of Incorporation document would also be a separate document from the current Constitution and will be mailed into the Sate of Michigan each year in accordance with state Incorporation law.