Ministry Description

Ted and Wendy Szymczak are passionate about making disciples and seeing Christ’s Church established among the least reached. After serving in three urban US church plants, Ted and Wendy arrived in Poland in 1994. They devoted their first ten years to preparing church planters and pastors at BST seminary as well as planting churches with national church partners. Their next seven years in Poland were focused on church planting and included discipleship, evangelism, teaching, leading small groups and prison ministry. In 2011, Ted and Wendy were called to serve church planters in the 21 countries where SEND ministers with SEND’s global IO office. Much of Ted’s coaching and training work is done via the internet, with some travel. Wendy volunteers at a Christian pregnancy center where she performs ultrasounds and counsels women regarding pregnancy options.  Both are involved in sharing Christ with unreached diaspora peoples. 

  • Ministry Focus: Church Planting and Disciple Making Movements
  • Joined SEND: January 1994 and served in Poland for 17 years
  • Anniversary: August 11 Birthdays: Christopher - December 1, Hanna - January 17, Andrew - August 3, Wendy - May 21, Ted - August 27