We need a lot of help to stock God's Food Pantry shelves!!!

Walking through the Oakland Hope "Food Pantry" - awesome 'Food-Pantry' but there were NO 'personal necessities' like Shampoo & Conditioner - lotions - tampons / pads - shaving cream - just a couple tubes of toothpaste - and a few deodorants! 

No adult diapers - one package of baby diapers! 

Oakland Hope has also taken on the Waterford Seniors Pantry - so Senior products are needed also. Denture products.

Hand  soap - any of the things you and I have 'stocks' of. 
laundry detergent
Suave shampoo & conditioner
Even dollar store personal products....Any of them - Que-tips, band-aids, baby wipes - diapers -  

If you don't have time to shop - Linda Holler (Oakland Hope BookKeeper) will take cheques & cash and give you a receipt from Oakland Hope.