Lastest Volunteer News!!

Did you hear the good news?  Home Depot has committed to laying our floor tiles at Oakland HOPE if we complete the prep work by mid March. David Wiltse is in charge of our volunteers and asking if YOU are available to work with him a few hours? It would be AWESOME if you could help. Volunteers are needed between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.  ORif you are available to make a few sandwiches or a light meal for hungry volunteers call David at 248-622-8914 Thanks so much!



Oakland Hope Volunteer Signup!!!

On Friday, January 29th, we hosted a Regional "Home Depot" tour along with Managers representing four local stores and paint reps from Behr and Glidden.  Hallelujah…. I’m happy to report that Home Depot is on Board for donating paint for our shelving and our floor tiles for the repairs!   And, they will be brining skilled help to be laying the tile for us too!   IF WE HAVE THEM PREPPED by Thursday February 25th   (Tile area must be wet/dry vacuumed, tiles and adhesive removed, wet/dry vacuumed again) and then the areas will be ready for Home Depot tilers on Thursday February 25th.)


  • Any day any time of day.  Even if it's only for an hour.
  • EVERY Saturday 9 am to 1 pm, lunch provided.  

How to Volunteer:

  • Contact and/or share David Wiltsie's mobile (248)622-8914

Home Depot visited OH this week to review the preparations required before Home Depot Volunteers arrive.  Home Depot Volunteers will donate the tiles and donate installation in March. 

OH needs:

  • Clean up bare floor areas.  Lots of dirt/grime to remove.
  • Removal of old tile.
  • Temporary relocation of store shelving.
  • Cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming and many other tasks.




Needs List for Oakland Hope

•    2 Box Trucks w/Lift Gate
•    Hi-lo
•    Pallet Jack
•    Computers
•    Cash Registers
•    POS System
•    Office Cubes
•    3 Overhead Sliding Doors & Installation
•    Pallet Racking & Installation
•    Awning for Rear Donation Door
•    Long Clothing Racks
•    Large Walk in Cooler
•    All that goes with Commercial Kitchen
o    Ovens
o    Stoves
o    Mixers
o    Cupboards
o    Stainless Counters
o    Fire Suppression
•    Reach-in Glass front door
The type of units that are self-contained with the condenser on the bottom of each (unit)
o    Coolers/Refrigeration
o    Freezers

•    Ceiling Sprinklers
•    Carpenters
•    Floor Tile Repairs
•    Interior Build Out
•    Exterior Signage
•    On Bldg. & @ 2 Roads

Organization Needs
•    Speakers (we will develop consistent talking points)
o    To Groups/Churches
o    Give Tours
•    Grant Research
•    Grant Writing (using existing templates)
•    Marketing & Advertising Team
•    Volunteer Coordinator * (Eventually will be paid position)
o    Volunteers are our backbone
o    Key person to help build culture of acceptance and love for both volunteers and our clients
•    Admin help before I drown
•    Computer Tech to handle all computers/printers/cash registers/donations
o    All technology needs to be integrated



Oakland Hope Update

GOD is so AWESOME and HE continued to surprise us all day long.  

NEW ADDRESS!!  73 Summit Drive Pontiac, Michigan 48341

In 7 hours we moved everything from the Grocery Store to our new location and were able to retrieve all our Sears donations from the Farmer Jack Store too!

We had a fabulous group of volunteers from Grace, WLCOTN and Lifepoint.  Thanks to Diane and her food team she kept everyone well fed and happy.

This day would NOT have been possible without the hard work of David Wiltsie.  Thankfully God put this mission in his heart, he researched and watched utube videos about breaking down store shelving and gondolas. He along with Ron Raider worked diligently every day last week breaking down and organizing for today’s move.

-Nehemiah demonstrated that with faith, prayer and Gods help his servants will succeed.  ONLY HE can make seemingly impossible tasks possible.