Children & Youth Volunteer Support Page

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Contact Kathy Trotter above, our Children's Ministry Coordinator, to get answers to your questions but here is what you need to join the team:

1. THE FALL SCHEDULE continues unchanged. Click here for more detailed Class time schedule is so you can be on the same page.

2. A CHANGE BEGINS IN JANUARY with the current "One Whole Month of Sundays every 4 months" changing over to "One Sunday every 4 weeks" commitment. In addition we are recruiting so that you would only serve for one of the hours (9:45 or 11am) once every 4 weeks.

3. Click here for a sample schedule for January so you can see where we are on commitments and where we need help. Also, you'll notice the curriculums we have decided on for each hour and each age group.

4. In regard to SAFETY & SECURITY, we are asking for everyone (who hasn't within the last year) to fill out the background check form and turn it in to Kathy Trotter or the church office asap. Also, if you haven't filled out a volunteer application within the last year, please do the same and turn it in asap.

Click here for Both forms on one doc. Below is the link for our mandatory video introducing you to child safety and protection... we are hoping to expand on this asap. Please let the office or Kathy know you have viewed it. Password: childsafety

These updates are all a part of our ongoing desire to honor God and disciple children more effectively and purposely.

Thank you for your wonderful service! God's blessings on you!